Children Witness Scenes Of Horror During Mosque Attack

From Tolo-News:
In Friday's attack on Imam Zaman mosque in Kabul’s PD11, men and women were killed - so were children.
However, a number of children who survived the attack witnessed horrific scenes that even adults are struggling to come to terms with.
Ali Ahmad, one young boy, was trapped in the mosque’s courtyard during the attack. His picture on social media shows three policemen outside the mosque trying to coax him to safety - but clearly bewildered he did not know which way to turn.
A picture taken a bit later shows Ali Ahmad being carried to safety.
TOLOnews journalist, Tamim Hamid, went to the area to find out more about Ali Ahmad.
“At that time Ali Ahmad was not able to decide whether the policemen who were calling him were really police or Daesh. By Allah's help, finally policemen rescued him and took him out,” said Dawood, a relative of Ali Ahmad.
Another child caught up in the bloodbath was 12-year-old Murtaza who was at both his father and mother's funeral.
Murtaza lost both parents in the attack. Now he, along with his two young sisters, have been left behind with no one to take care of them.
Murtaza described scenes of horror - scenes he had witnessed.
“I saw that Daesh took a person and slit his throat. The police were watching, I told them that they are Daesh shoot them, but they said no. This is not government, whatever it is, but we cannot say it is government,” said Murtaza.
“Now it is me and Murtaza with his two sisters. The two sisters remain and this child (Murtaza) has to look after them,” Mohammad Zaman, the boy's cousin said.
“Murtaza said that Daesh beheaded a policeman and when they saw the police’s magazine for their weapon was empty they entered the mosque. Murtaza said that he told police to shoot Daesh, but policemen said we do not have permission to fire,” Mohammad Elyas Qorbani, another relative of Murtaza said.
Friday's mosque attack was the sixth so far this year.

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