Afghan Refugee Sets Fire To Housing Provided By Swedes

From Fria-Tider:
A so-called unaccompanied refugee child put fire on his asylum residence in Kramfors earlier this summer to avenge the police. According to the District Court, it is a "very serious crime". But despite this, the man who comes from Afghanistan gets a penalty rebate.
"He did nothing to quench the fire himself, but stood still and quiet, watching, according to the witnesses.

It was at 13 o'clock on Thursday, July 20, as a fire started indoors at an asylum residence in the municipality of Kramfors.

Afterwards, a 19-year-old man was suspected of having a fire at home. The man, an Afghan citizen, was living at home.

He had lit fire on a curtain and, according to the prosecution, the fire meant danger to another's life and the danger of extensive destruction of another's property.

The man who, according to the district court, is a "single-born refugee child" has acknowledged that he lit fire on the curtain but denied crimes.

The motive was that the Afghan man wanted revenge on the Swedish police, who should not have listened to him after someone stole his cellphone. The man had assumed that the police would take immediate action, such as going to the asylum housing and questioning the other residents. When the police did not, the man went to the police station.

"Although he had the support of an interpreter, he received the same answer as before, meaning he had to wait until the police briefly contacted him. He then told the police that if they did not want to talk to him," - say so Then before I go back to the house and put it on fire, "says the judge.

On the way home, the Afghan got a lighter. "He was angry because the police drove him," according to the court.

When the man had lit fire at home, he began to bother with other people in the dining room.

"He did not do anything to extinguish the fire himself," writes the right.

When the staff caught sight of the fire, the flames broke into the ceiling. The man claims that he himself really wanted to extinguish the fire. But the witnesses describe how he "did nothing to quench the fire himself but stood still and calm and watched".

Now the Afghan man is sentenced by Ă…ngermanland's district court for murder fire.

"Because it poses danger to other people's lives and health, there are no prospects to look less serious at the event," the court writes.

The district court points out that the man was guilty of a very serious crime with a sentence of at least two years in prison.

However, since the Afghan should have been 19 years old at the time of the crime, he will receive a penalty rebate and be sentenced to imprisonment for a year and four months.

The male is also expelled from Sweden under the Aliens Act for ten years. He will remain in custody until the verdict wins power.

According to the district court there is a great risk that the man would continue his criminal activity in Sweden.

"Now the current crimes occurred because he was dissatisfied with how the police handled his theft report. The district court therefore finds that there is a clear risk that [he], even in the future, will be committed to continued crime here in the country The risk of continued crime is another reason for expulsion, "the district court writes.

According to the District Court, the security situation in Afghanistan is not so serious that the man can not be expelled.

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