Unaccompanied Refugee Children Rape Disabled Man

From Fria-Tider:
In the winter, a man with intellectual disabilities was fooled into a HVB home where he was raped by two so-called unaccompanied refugees. The punishment for the duo was youth care and compensation, but no expulsion.

On February 16, 2017, a 20-year-old man with intellectual disabilities was raped by 17-year-old Fawad and 18-year-old Hossein at a HVB home in Stenungsund. The rape was filmed with an Ipad and the video then became one of the most important evidence in the target.

The film showed that the man was instructed by the two refugees during the intercourse and that he was sexually inexperienced. There is no evidence that the exposed man wanted homosexual sex or that he was excited or even understood what was going on.

Before the rape the 20-year-old man was fooled to the site via Facebook. Fawad wrote to him via Messenger "Where are you? I will have a matter with you ".

The mother of the raped man subsequently experienced his behavior as strange. She discovered the damage at his anal opening and then made a police report. The rapist man then told him that he had been told that he would be killed or injured if he told anyone what had happened.

Both Fawad and Hossein have denied crimes during police hearings and claimed they did not know that the 20-year-old has an intellectual disability. But the district court does not consider it credible when staff at the HVB home heard the so-called children talking about the man having "developmental disturbance", writes SVT.

The two defendants are citizens of Afghanistan and unaccompanied who came to Sweden in 2015. The man who was subjected to the abuse has his family in Sweden and they all originally originate from Afghanistan but have lived for a long time in Iran. They came to Sweden in 2014.

Uddevalla District Court judges Fawad for rape and assisting in rape. The sentence became youth care. Hossein is sentenced for rape to seven months of youth care.

Both will together pay $ 110,000 in damages to the raped man. Fawad will pay 15,000 kronor extra for sweating and aching.

The prosecutor never claimed expulsion.

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