Imam Tells Women To Beat Their Drunk Husbands

From Daily-Caller:
A Moroccan radio show was suspended for a month after an Imam said on air that it was fine for wives to beat their drunk husbands.

The radio show, known as Fatwas of Fiqh, featured a Muslim Imam who landed the station in hot water when he answered a female call-in listener who asked whether it was permitted under Sharia law for wives to beat their husbands if their husbands came home intoxicated, according to Clarion Project. Drinking is prohibited under Sharia law, so the Imam replied that beating a drunk husband was not only permitted for wives, but encouraged.

“On your good health, hit him and may God protect you, the only thing that is appropriate in this situation is to beat him,” the Imam said.

The Imam’s answer was considered a fatwa, or official legal ruling, according to Islamic law.

The High Authority on Audio and Visual Communication of Morocco issued a one-month suspension against the radio show following the Imam’s comments, saying that openly permitting beatings violated the country’s laws and could potentially harm society.

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