California Bakery Honors Terrorist Who Murdered Students

From Pamelageller:
Why not a swastika mural? Or a mural of Himmler or Osama Bin Laden? It’s the same thing. This is the norming of dehumanization and genocide.

It’s incitement to murder. How is that legal?

The 69-year-old Muslim terrorist, Rasmea Odeh,  was convicted in the 1969 supermarket bombing in Israel that killed two Hebrew University students. Odeh was also convicted of bombing and damaging the British Consulate four days later.

It’ll make you throw up your flatbread.

By Trey sanchez, Truth revolt(thanks to Todd):

bakery in Oakland, California, owned by a Palestinian-Syrian, has a large painted mural dedicated to convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh near its front counter. Odeh killed two Israeli students in a 1969 food market bombing for which she only served 10 years of a life sentence in prison. She was released as part of a plea deal in exchange for a captured Israeli soldier. In 1995, Odeh moved to Chicago via Jordan but lied on her immigration papers, checking “no” for past convictions of crimes. She is scheduled to be deported to Jordan in August for the fraud, but not before being lionized by the bakery and just about everyone on the Left as a progressive icon.

Reem Assil, the owner of the Arab-infused Reem’s California, considers Odeh, an organizer of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine which carried out several other foiled bombings, as a mere political activist wrongly arrested and convicted by Israel. She also believes Odeh was sexually tortured into a confession by Israeli authorities. And because of that, Assil says Odeh deserves the giant portrait because she is an “emblem of resilience” and told a Berkeley-based food critic that Odeh is a modern day Malcolm X:

“[Odeh] embodies the resilience of Arab women fighting for justice in this country. She is an elder to a lot of us younger women who are activists and want to do right among our community.”
Assil, a former labor activist and community organizer, views her bakery as a place where activism and culture meet. The mural, she said, “pays our respect to people like [Odeh] who have had to endure.” As an added social justice bonus, Odeh has a painted pin on her Islamic head covering of 22-year-old Oakland resident Oscar Grant who was killed by police in 2009.

Others who heap praise on Odeh include Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour, who heralds Odeh regularly and was recently “honored” to share the stage with her at an anti-Israel event. Both women helped organize the Women’s March after President Trump’s inauguration and Odeh co-authored the manifesto for the militant feminist “Day Without a Woman” strike two months later.

Here is the bakery owner defending her pro-terrorism decoration:

Not everyone in Oakland is happy about the mural. Organized protests outside the bakery have been going on since it opened. Because most may be unaware of Odeh’s past, the protesters stand in front of the entrance holding pictures of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, the two Hebrew University students killed by the bomb Odeh planted in 1969. Some have even held vigils for the murdered Jews in front of the eatery.

But in kind, those protests and vigils have been targeted by anti-Israel activists who have physically attacked protesters, including the elderly, and destroyed the pictures of the murdered men. Below is footage from a recent protest, which are in danger of being shut down by Assil who is trying to complain of trespassing:

As Legal Insurrection’s Miriam Elman concluded, “The effort to stifle and silence Oakland’s vigils in honor of Rasmea Odeh’s victims is even more offensive and grievous than the fact that Reem’s California is decorated with a giant image of her face.”

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