Calais Migrants Bash Truck Driver Over Head With Brick

From Express:
BRITISH drivers were last night warned not to stop their vehicles near the port of Calais after a gang of migrants hijacked a lorry.

In a new escalation of violence among migrants in the area desperate to get to Britain, a violent mob pounced on a trucker.

They hit him around the head with a brick and left him for dead before stealing his vehicle.

It is thought the gang seized an opportunity to try to smuggle dozens of illegals into the UK but their brazen attempt failed when the vehicle was stopped before reaching the port.

The worrying incident has sparked a warning over trucks and tourists vehicles stopping near the port with tens of thousands of families currently driving through northern France on holiday.

Richard Burnett, chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, said: “This news from Calais is extremely disturbing and comes as a stark warning to UK drivers that migrants will stop at nothing to reach our shores.

"This latest method of hijacking is new and clearly shows these people will stop at nothing to cross the Channel.”

The driver stopped near Marck on the A16 motorway outside Calais and noticed a group of migrants trying to clamber into his truck.

When he left his cab to inspect the damage he was attacked before the gang hijacked his lorry and drove off towards the port, leaving him bleeding on the floor.

The gang was stopped by police five miles away.

The unnamed driver is in hospital with a serious head injury.

British truckers were notified of the horrific attack via the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service whose alert has now been moved to red, its highest level, meaning a clear and present security risk.

Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover, said: “This sickening attack shows the extreme lengths people will take to break into Britain.

“Hard-working lorry drivers must be protected from brutal assaults like this. Tourists and truckers must be safe on the road to Calais.

“Whether it’s using small aircraft or stealing lorries, trafficking gangs are using ever more disturbing tactics to smuggle migrants across the English Channel. That’s why we need a crackdown on these ruthless people traffickers and end their evil trade of modern slavery.”

Ukip MEP Bill Etheridge said: “This incident was horrific and needs to be a wake up call to those who refuse to deal with the continuing migrant crisis in Calais.”

Friday night’s vicious assault and robbery comes a month after a van driver was killed in a crash caused when migrants built a makeshift barricade on the same motorway.

"It is believed nine Eritreans blockaded the road so they could stow away on UK-bound lorries.

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