Waitress Survives Throat Cutting

From Standard:
An Australian woman has told how she survived the London Bridge terror attack after being stabbed in the neck while eating a meal with her boyfriend.

Candice Hedge, 31, was having a meal out in central London on Saturday night with her boyfriend Luke when a man came up behind her and slashed her throat with a knife.

The blow somehow missed her major arteries and windpipe. She fell into a coma but quickly came round.

She posted on Facebook: "Hey everyone, just so you know im doing ok.

"Bit of pain but I will survive. Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes. Love to all.”

Ms Hedge moved to London about six months ago. She is recovering well from the attack after receiving stitches.

Her mother said Luke had told her what happened. She said: "She couldn't speak, but I got to see her and she gave me the thumbs up, so I knew she was ok."

Her grandfather, Brian Hedge, said: "She was in the market area and apparently she was hiding when one of them saw her and stabbed her in the neck."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull earlier told media: “We are aware of reports of two Australians who have been directly affected by this attack.

“This afternoon the Foreign Minister spoke to the parents of both Australians. One case has been confirmed and that Australian concerned is in hospital.

“In the other case, we are continuing to make inquiries. Our officials will continue to provide every assistance they can to Australians affected by this shocking attack and their families.”

Forty eight people were injured, some critically, after the attack.

Panicked family members were today searching for their missing loved ones on social media after the attack in which seven people were killed.

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