Migrant Rapes Thirteen Year Old Girl Gets to Stay In Germany

From The-Old-Continent:
On 6 November 2016, it was the scene of what German news outlet ‘Welt‘ describes as a “wicked crime“.

Ali D., a 30-year-old refugee from Iraq raped the 13-year old Mona L. (fictitious name). The suspect and victim knew each other. Before the rape, they were part of a group of youngsters that were out partying and drinking. It was long after midnight, around three in the morning, that the group broke up. Mona started to make her way home. But on the platform of the tram, the accused grabbed her from behind. Ali is said to have held his hand before her mouth while he hauled her into an empty room. There he pushed Mona to the floor. He took off her pants and violently conducted sexual acts with her.

Afterwards, Ali D. fled to Hungary. There he was apprehended by the police after an international manhunt. On 2 March Hungarian officials extradited D. to Germany. He’s been in a Hamburg court since Thursday on charges of rape of a minor.

Mona L., 14 years old now, suffers from the crime to this day. Because of this, her counsel wishes to save her from meeting her rapist again in court. It seems that can be arranged.

Ali’s defence counsel, in turn, announced that he wanted to read a statement from the accused. Firstly he wanted to point out to the court, that the accused was very drunk at the time of his act. Also, that he couldn’t have known that the victim was only 13 years old at the time of the deed.

The possible punishment was discussed at the beginning of the hearing as well. The presiding judge said that for her, a probational punishment was out of the question. The prison sentence could be between three and three-and-a-half years. The demand of the State Prosecutor: three years and ten months.

The Nebenklagevertreter – an additional jurist that acts in certain kinds of criminal cases as a representative for the victim – is said to be satisfied with a lower sentence, if that means that the victim is spared an appearance in court. The court case is continued, with a verdict expected on 26 June.

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