Islamic State Celebrates Burning Of Grenfell Tower

From Daily-Mail:
Sick ISIS militants have posted a photo celebrating the Grenfell Tower disaster.

An account belonging the jihadist group published the photograph of the London tower block engulfed in flames, describing it as 'beautiful'.

At least 79 people are believed to have died as the blaze ripped through the north Kensington tower block within just a matter of minutes.

Hundreds have been left homeless as a result of the disaster, while the bodies of those killed may never be identified because of sheer intensity of the blaze, which left the tower block a charred, hollowed out shell.

Along with the picture of the fire, the ISIS militants said: 'How beautiful the fire that consumes the buildings of the criminal Britons and Christians'.

Many of the residents who lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy were Muslim.

The chilling image and message was exposed by the American-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadists and terror threats.

The twisted jihadists have publicly celebrated the London Bridge and Manchester Arena terror attacks

Dozens of images appeared on anonymous messaging channels with links to the terror group the day after the atrocity in the British capital on June 3 and vowed to carry out more attacks.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed eight people and injured dozens more, after fighters had been calling for vehicle and knife attacks targeting the West to take place during Ramadan.

Three jihadis ran down 20 people on London Bridge shortly after 10pm before going on a knife rampage through Borough Market, stabbing strangers at random.

Police eventually shot the men, who were wearing fake suicide vests, dead outside the Wheatsheaf pub.

One message contained the faces of jihadi fighters killed during other terror attacks in Europe, with a message which said: 'Let Paris be a lesson for those nations who wish to take heed'.

The caption reads: 'Crusading Brits now living in a state of terror and fear! Where is your great Kingdom now?'

ISIS commonly refers to Western nations involved in conflicts in the Middle East as 'crusaders'.

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