Coptic Christian Boy Still Traumatized From Seeing ISIS Militants Kill His Father

From Christian-Daily:
Mina Habib, a 10-year-old Coptic Christian, still has not recovered from the trauma of seeing his father being gunned down for his faith by Islamic State militants during a bus attack in Minya, Egypt, last month that left 29 dead and 24 others injured.

Like other residents of the Christian village of Dayr Jarnous whose family members were killed in the Minya bus attack, Mina is still on the road to recovery and leaves his house only on rare occasions. The bereaved families of the ISIS victims said the government has not helped them and is doing nothing to protect them from such attacks, Reuters detailed.

"We saw dead people, just dumped on the ground," Mina recalled. "They asked my father for identification then told him to recite the Muslim profession of faith. He refused, said he was Christian. They shot him and everyone else with us in the car."

Two of the victims in the Minya bus attack were children. They were identified as 2-year-old Moreska Mina Samuel and 4-year-old Marfy Hany Moussa, the Egyptian Streets reported.

Mina told Reuters that they were spared from death by chance, and he did not know why the other children were killed. His 14-year-old brother Marco, on the other hand, also survived the massacre and remembered that the 15 gunmen had Egyptian accents and only two were masked.

Because the government did not provide them with treatment for the trauma the bus attack has caused them, Habib is undergoing therapy at a local church. Marco, meanwhile, treats Bible reading at a monastery as his therapy.

At present, the residents of the village want Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to stay true to his promise to protect the Copts. Because there is no added security in their place, they fear that they would be vulnerable if a similar attack occurred.

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