Christian Asylum Seekers Are Persecuted By Muslims

From Fria-Tider:
Christian asylum seekers in Sweden are battered, mobbed and killed by other asylum seekers. More than half of the victims have been subjected to acts of violence and almost half have been threatened to life, a new poll from Open Doors shows . Those exposed are usually people who converted from Islam to Christianity. The solution presented is to "separate Christians and Muslims" in the country's asylum homes.

The survey is based on 123 questionnaires answered by Christian asylum seekers who have been subjected to persecution in Sweden because of their Christian faith. According to Open Doors, the darkness is probably large.

It is about death threats, sexual assaults, acts of violence and other events.

"In recent years a large number of refugees have applied to Sweden, while several reports have been reported on religiously motivated persecution against Christian refugees in this country. That's why Open Doors has conducted a survey in the spring, says Anne Muench, project manager for the survey, in a statement.

Of the 123 people, over half (53 percent) have been subjected to acts of violence. Nearly half (45 percent) have been killed and 6 percent have been subjected to sexual abuse because of their beliefs.

The perpetrators are usually other asylum seekers. However, there are also cases where translators and interpreters settled on Christian asylum seekers.

"It is extra worrying that interpreters are committed to persecution and not being neutral in their profession," says Bengt Sjöberg, pastor and leader in Koripyrkan in Filipstad-Hällefors, to Open Doors.

77 percent (95 people) of the victims have converted to Christianity, and 48 of them have done so in Sweden.

"The report shows that converts are a particularly vulnerable group that needs protection and support, both from Christian congregations, but also from authorities," says Anne Muench.

Almost all participants in the survey that came from Iran have converted to Christianity (41 of 42 people). The same applies to people from Afghanistan (35 of 36) and Iraq (5 of 6). But among people from Syria, only 5 of 26 affected converts are.

"However, the stories that have been given Open Doors through the questionnaires clearly show that the reported events were linked to the person's Christian confession. Several people also say that many Muslims in the accommodation have changed their behavior towards the victim when they became acquainted with The person's conversion from Islam to Christian faith, "the report says.

The 123 participants reported a total of at least 512 incidents, but only 33 people have filed a police report.

"They hit me and the day after I reported it to the police, but they did nothing. The second time they did not sign me, because I knew the police did not do anything about it. At the same time - if the Muslims knew we were reporting them, then Would the situation be harder for us, "says a murdered person in the report.

"It started when we lived in the xx xx asylum home, because when I became a Christian, I was killed, bullied, they swore and screamed at me and were unpleasant. They charged nothing. Instead they moved on from me to the accommodation to Another accommodation, where it became even worse and more unpleasant, "says another suspect.

"It's unacceptable that something happens here in Sweden. We must protect the freedom of religion in our society. Every single person exposed to death, violence, systemic pressure or the like because of his belief is too much, says Anne Muench.

The solution to the problem is, according to the asylum seekers themselves, to "separate Christians and Muslims," ​​the report says.

The surveys were made between February 22, 2017 and May 3, 2017. 75 percent of the survey participants are men, most under 50 years.

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