Police Arrest Two Moroccans Training To Become Suicide Bombers

From Express:
Police in Spain have arrested two Moroccans they say were training to become suicide bombers.

The pair, aged 43 and 22, were held during dawn raids in Madrid today.

Ministry of Interior officials described them as being in an "advanced and dangerous process of radicalisation."

They said the men were using the internet to teach themselves to become special forces-style suicide fighters called Inghimasi - who use firearms to kill victims and try to stay alive but detonate their explosives belts when they feel trapped or threatened.

A spokesman for Spain's National Police claimed the older suspect was constantly accessing websites which included bomb-making tutorials.

He added: "The two detainees were in an advanced and dangerous process of radicalisation.

"It led them to look repeatedly at self-teaching manuals which would enable them to learn Inghimasi - and become combatants ready to commit terrorist acts on European soil following the modus operandi used in cities in the UK, Germany, France or Belgium, through suicide attacks or the use of homemade explosive artefacts."

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