Migrant Gang Carries Out Kidnapping and Rape

From Fria-Tider:
Police Stockholm has received a notification of a spectacular rape in Uppsala night of May Day. A person will then have abducted outside a restaurant in Uppsala, abducted and gang-raped by several men. Expressen was the first to report on the event.

Police hate crime group in Stockholm received notification on May 2 and the incident must have happened the night of April 30 sometime between three o'clock at night and six in the morning. Göran Stanton is a police inspector on hate group. He would not say if it is a man or woman who are victims of abuse:

- I'm not a man or a woman, then you figure it out yourself. We're hate group investigating this. And we investigate abuses if it offends someone because of race, color, ethnic or cultural background, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, he says to Free Times.

Several unknown men should have forced the person into some sort of vehicle in connection with a restaurant in Uppsala. Police do not currently who the perpetrators are.

- There has been a bit away from the restaurant, says Stanton and do not respond if there are any witnesses to the incident:

- We are working to find people who will help us in the investigation.

The police know outside the restaurant abduction was made, but was not the rape took place. Göran Stanton also says that it is working to obtain the descriptions of the perpetrators.

- We are working on it, to bring out different things, he says.

At the police in Uppsala we know of the incident, but would not comment on it because it is being investigated by the hate group in Stockholm.

- I can tell you how it is. This, we were told in the morning, we have done the research, and it turns out that there is a complaint and the complaint is being investigated in Stockholm, says Uppsala police spokesman Lisa Sannervik to Free Times.

- We speak not about each other's affairs as we hand over the ball to them.

The event is classified as kidnapping and rape.

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