Jihadi Bride Uses Eleven Year Old Son As Human Shield

From The-Sun:
The mum of two is reportedly a 'high priority' for assassination

Jihadi bride Sally Jones uses her young son as a human shield to protect her from US drone strikes, it has been revealed.

The Brit extremist never travels without son Jojo to ward off assassination bids from the air – with America fearing a huge backlash if it killed her 11-year-old boy.

Indeed, The Sunday Times reports the Kent mum-of-two’s husband Junaid Hussain was killed on one of the few occasions he risked going out in public without the boy.

Now, his widow has reportedly become a “high priority” for assassination with claims she is one of the most prolific planners of terror attacks.

And that has left her terrified of travelling anywhere without her human shield son beside her.

The wanted mother-of-two is claimed to have helped plot the ISIS kidnapping and filmed beheading of a US army vet, while she was also allegedly involved in the planning of a foiled nightclub shooting.

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