Disabled Woman Raped By Syrian

From Fria-Tider:
A 28-year-old poet from Syria accused now for the rape of a disabled toilet at the nightclub Strömpis in Orebro in April. He denied the crime, but the prosecution has evidence in the form of several witnesses and forensic evidence.

On April 9, 2017, a woman was raped in the night club "Villa Strömpis" in Örebro. The rape took place inside a disabled toilet sometime between 01:00 and 01:30 the night of Sunday.

Free Times went earlier with the news that the police needed help to get witnesses who stood in the queue and saw the man and woman go in or out of the toilet.

The accused man, who on social media describes itself as a "Syrian poet" and has a blog where he publishes poems in Arabic, denies the offense. But according to the prosecutor, there is evidence as well as several witnesses as forensic evidence, writes Swedish Radio .

28-year-old, who is registered at an address in Kumla, are according to the lawsuit in need of an interpreter in Arabic.

According to the prosecutor were women in a particularly vulnerable situation because of physical limitations. She was through violence forced into sexual intercourse by the man pushed her up against the wall, held her so she could not get out, kept her mouth so she could not scream and then pressing her head and force her to oral sex. Then he pushed his fingers into her vagina and then penetrated her vaginally, according to the criminal act.

Prosecutor Christine Chi has not claimed that 28-year-old to be deported home to the Arab world if convicted.

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