Britain Gives Terrorist Only Seven Years For Torture and Murder

From Daily-Mail:
The daughter of British taxi driver Alan Henning who was murdered by Jihadi John says the seven-year sentence given to the terrorist's accomplice is not long enough.

Londoner Aine Davis was yesterday jailed in Turkey for seven-and-a-half years after being found guilty of being a senior member of a terrorist organisation.

Alongside Jihadi John - real name Mohammed Emwazi - the 33-year-old was part of the so-called Beatles, a group of British jihadists who were responsible for kidnapping, torturing and killing
a string of Westerners in Syria.

But today, Mr Henning's daughter Lucy, 20, criticised Davis's sentence, saying no jail term could reflect the pain and suffering the extremists had inflicted.

Davis could serve as little as three years of his jail term before he faces deportation back to Britain.

She told the Daily Telegraph: 'We have only just found out. Obviously it goes without saying that no sentence would be long enough because it cannot bring anybody back.'

Mr Henning, a father-of-two from Manchester, was kidnapped on Boxing Day 2013 as he delivered aid to Syrian refugees.

The taxi driver was kept hostage until he was beheaded by Jihadi John on video in October 2014.

Before he was killed, Mr Henning was forced to tell the camera that he was being murdered in retaliation for parliament’s decision to attack ISIS.

As well as Mr Henning, the terror cell  - linked to 7/7 bombings and the failed 21/7 attack in London - was responsible for the killing of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and US aid worker Peter Kassig.

The other two members of the group were Alexanda Kotey, 33, and El Shafee Elsheikh, both from west London, according to the US State Department.

Their whereabouts is unknown but both are believed to be on the US 'kill list'.   Jihadi John was killed in a US drone strike in October 2015.

Javier Espinosa, a Spanish journalist who was kidnapped by the cell, also said Davis 'should be in jail forever.'

Davis, from Hammersmith, west London, was arrested in Turkey in November 2015.

Court papers described Davis as a 'known high-ranking operative of Daesh' and claimed he used the alias Ebu Eyyup El Britani.

Intelligence agencies say he was part of Jihadi John's cell and was allegedly planning to carry out a terror attack in Istanbul, although that charge was dropped in court.

Davis had denied being an ISIS member and said he had travelled to Syria to deliver aid. He claimed that pictures of him posing with guns in Syria was part of a 'joke'.

After his conviction, Davis told BBC journalist Daniel Sandford to 'f*** off'.

The Home Office said today that it could extradite Davis at the end of his sentence to face trial in the UK, provided evidence of other crimes could be found.

Prior to fleeing the UK, Davis was convicted six times for possessing cannabis and was also heavily involved in gang circles, where he was known as 'Biggz.'

The gangster worked as a gun runner, selling handguns before the weapons factory he worked for was busted by police.

Alongside Kotey and Emwazi, Davis was said to have attended the al-Manaar mosque in Ladbroke Grove, west London.

A local community worker said the trio were 'physically ejected' from the mosque because of their extremist views.

The group - radical Muslim extremists predominantly from west London - became known as The Beatles because of their English accents and because there were four of them.

In 2014, Davis's wife Amal el-Wahabi was convicted of funding terrorism after she persuaded a friend to try and smuggle £16,000 in cash to him.

They met at the Westbourne Park mosque in 2006 and, despite the disapproval of her parents, they developed a close relationship.

Davis' new found interest in religion led him to persuade his girlfriend that they should move to Yemen.

When police raided his wife's home, Davis's ipod revealed he used to listen to lectures by radical American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

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