Twenty One Year Old Woman Took Off The Veil And Was Murdered

From Fria-Tider:
A 21-year-old woman from Iran was murdered a number of months after she arrived in Sweden. The reason: she wanted to be divorced from her Muslim man and took off the veil, writes Aftonbladet.

The 21-year-old woman came to Sweden with her family in 2015. After her arrival, her elder sisters chose to take their veil off. Then they got help to leave their men and were given protected personal data.

The 21-year-old also wanted to take off the veil, which she eventually did.

Seven months after her arrival in Sweden, June 26 last year, she was killed by her 24-year-old husband, who is also her cousin.

The man denied that it had anything to do with her attire. But it does not buy relatives.

"He thought others laughed at him, it was a matter of honesty so to speak," says a male relative in the police investigation according to Aftonbladet.

The murdered woman should have tried to leave her husband who hit her, even before they came to Sweden. But it forbade the parents.

After the murder, the now-wounded woman wrapped the woman's face and neck in shawls and clenched her legs.

According to another relative, the family fled to "come from Islam and oppression" but the woman's husband should not have managed that freedom.

The man, now sentenced to 17 years in prison and expulsion, shall be a strictly religious person, declares a relative.

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