Syrian Mafia Has Taken Over Sigtuna

From Fria-Tider:
A mafia consisting of representatives of the municipality's Syrian population has taken over Sigtuna outside Stockholm. The Attention Sweden's Television Mission Review yesterday .

The municipal council chairman has been named Ibrahim Khalifa last year and represents the Social Democrats. According to the information presented in the Mission review, he is a key figure when far-reaching special rights are given to the municipality's Syrian people group at the expense of taxpayers.

For example, a pizzeria owned by Syrians, but which violates the current detailed plan, will remain and an illegal Syrian gaming club has been run for a number of years in one of the municipality's premises without the drivers who need it to pay a single krone in rent. In addition, Khalifa has attempted to circumvent the procurement rules that exist to provide a lucrative construction contract to a construction company owned by Syrians.

The Communist Summit is also reported to be in violation of the decision-making arrangements that apply and make decisions, without anchoring them among the elected politicians. Syrians Ismet Karademir is identified as the center of the Syrian clan world. Moderate Peter Kockum was former chairman of the city council in Sigtuna and he does not speak the words:

"There is a culture here that this Karademir rushes around the municipality and receives different types of benefits and reward services. That is corruption, he says in the program.

Criticism comes not only from the Moderates. Anna Kalles (S) is a member of the municipal government and says in the program that she has received many warning signals from the municipality's officials.

- Officials have approved me. They have been worried and have experienced that how to control the municipality did not feel comfortable for them. They have experienced it as mafia rule in the municipality, she says.

According to the officials, it is a person, Khalifa, who uniquely controls the municipality.

The Syrian mafia is also linked to violent people who act aggressively, threateningly and cause insecurity in the municipality. The illegal gaming club, which has its premises in the immigrant-dominated suburb of Valsta in Märsta, has created an insecure environment for the students in a nearby school. At one point a teacher has been threatened to the life of a man from the room.

The Syrian power takeover of Sigtuna is traced back to the 2002 elections when the Social Democrats took over the power of the bourgeois parties. The election was won thanks to the Social Democrats Anders Johansson promising the Syrians that they would buy a plot of the municipality to build a Syrian orthodox church for only one krone if the people voted for his party.

Johansson, who has now moved from the municipality, claims in the program that the land purchase was conditional upon the assembly to build a meeting room adjacent to the church.

"This was a win-win situation," he says.

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