Sick ISIS Bomb Game Kills Family

From Daily-Star:
The woman was at home with her large family in Mosul, Iraq, when members of the terrorist organisation entered her home.

At first, the family were told they were being evacuated to avoid a deadly attack.

But once they were outside, the sadistic thugs let off explosives.

In heartbreaking footage – available above – the woman tells local news channel AlMawsleya TV: "ISIS told us to leave the house at eight o'clock.

"We left our home. They told us to wait in line one by one.

"We didn't realise and, all of a sudden, a bomb exploded on my family, killing all of them – 17 people from my family were gone.

"May God protect their bodies. I want to know which bodies are which. I don't want anything else.

"My son is three years old and my daughter is disabled. My older son, their father and his brothers, their grandmother, their spouses. I just want them.

"My heart is burning. My heart is burning. Only me and my son survived. No one else.

"ISIS – the dogs...they tortured us. Just me and my son remained in the middle of all the bodies."

ISIS jihadis have been known in the past to torture their victims to death in all kind of sicks ways.

One example was the creation of a slaughterhouse where men, women and children were taken to be killed.

Others have been killed with sniper rifles and in public beheadings.

A slew of horrific and heart-wrenching stories have come out of Iraq this week.

An ISIS sicko was caught using a child as a human shield on Mosul's streets in a shocking video.

And the evil organisation slaughtered a baby in revenge for her jihadi dad deserting them.

But ISIS are being slowly picked off by a crackshot squad of snipers who aim to exterminate the vile sickos.

One 62-year-old veteran marksman claims to have killed over 173 of the villains in a year.

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