Planned Attack On Russian Embassy Foiled

From Breit-Bart:
The Moroccan migrant suspect at the centre of a foiled plot to launch an attack outside the Russian embassy in Berlin, Germany, was arrested “at the last minute”, just hours before the terror attack was due to take place.
The migrant had come to the attention of the security services after discussing his plans on social media under a number of pseudonyms.

New details of the attack have come to light in the German press. As reported by Die Welt, the Moroccan male identified as Mohammed B.H. had told others he intended to infiltrate a protest that would take place outside the Russian embassy during the second weekend of April, and then launch his attack from there.

Die Welt reported that a special police task force acted on intelligence gathered on the suspect, raiding the migrant ‘container village’ of 8,000 residents where Mohammed lived at five o’clock on the morning of the day he planned to launch his attack. The Moroccan male attempted to escape, but he was arrested and has now been charged.

Although authorities have not been revealed the nature of the intended attack, the German daily newspaper reports the suspect has been linked with the evacuation of a German school in February over concerns of a bomb in a backpack.

Earlier reports concerning the arrest, including that by Die Tagesspiegel, state Mohammed B.H. may have been motivated to launch the attack outside the Russian embassy in revenge for President Vladimir Putin’s support of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

The planned, and foiled, attack by the Moroccan migrant would have come just days before the bombing of a German football team bus in Dortmund. One was injured in the attack and a note linking the event with Islamic State was found nearby, although there are still doubts over the motivation for the bombing.

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