Eight Year Old Boy Recorded Asking How Do You Kill an Australian

From Daily-Mail:
The young son of an Islamic State terrorist has been filmed by his father making threats to kill Australians.

Khaled Sharrouf's son Humzeh, eight, was captured on camera wearing a suicide vest and at times with a Glock pistol, automatic ­machine gun and knife in hand in the terrifying video.

The boy was asked by his off-camera father 'How do you kill a non-Muslim?' and 'How do you kill an Australian?', The Daily Telegraph reported.

Humzeh responds by showing his father how he would kill a person and can also be heard heaping praise on Islamic State.

The video is believed to have been filmed only recently by Sharrouf, who is fighting for Islamic State in the Middle East.

The eight-year-old is the youngest of Sharrouf's five children, all of whom left Australia with their late mother, Tara Nettleton, in 2013 to join their father overseas.

Counter-terrorism authorities said they were aware of the chilling video.

New South Wales police said an investigation into the disturbing footage was now underway.

'The NSW Joint Counter Terrorism Team [JCTT] is aware of a video emanating from the Middle East ­depicting a minor making threats in the name of ISIS,' a NSW Police spokesman said.

Earlier this year, Sharrouf was stripped of his Australian citizenship.

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