Caliph Cuts Ears Off Of Thirty Members

From Daily-Mail:
ISIS is now cutting the ears off fighters who try and flee from battle, it is reported.

The terror group removed one ear from 33 soldiers caught fleeing the battle in Mosul, their last stronghold in Iraq, a source told Alsumaria News.

The men had been imprisoned before the punishment was carried out, and were told the other ear would be removed if they tried to flee a second time.

Typically deserters from the extremist group are executed, but the source said the terrorists are having to opt for less extreme punishments because they are running out of fighters.

ISIS once controlled around 40 per cent of Iraq, but that has now been whittled down to just 7 per cent, according to joint operations commander Brigadier General Yahya Rasool.

While Mosul is the centre of operations for ISIS in Iraq, the group also controls Qaim, Tal Afar and Hawija.

Fighting in Iraq's second city has been ongoing since October last year, with Iraqi forces backed by Shia militias and coalition air support now fully in control of the eastern part of the city.

Their troops are now trying to advance west, but have been bogged down by bloody close-quarters fighting through the maze-like streets of the old city.

The federal police said in a statement on Tuesday they have been reinforcing their positions in Western Mosul in preparation for a push on the al-Nuri Mosque where Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a caliphate in 2014.

ISIS captured Mosul in 2014, establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with on the world stage, after Iraqi troops guarding the city laid down their arms and fled in fear.

The recapture of the city would be a huge psychological blow to the group, and spell the end for their so-called Caliphate straddling two countries.

As a result they are prepared to fight to the last man, using suicide bombers, vehicles packed with explosives, and even human shields to stall the Iraqi advance.

They have also been using drones to drop explosives on coalition forces, a new tactic mirroring American drone strikes which have been used against them.

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