Terrorists Slit Throats Of Three Generals

From Tolo-News:
Terrorist slit the throats of at least three bed-ridden generals in their attack on Kabul’s Sardar Mohammad Daud hospital last week.

One of the men who had his throat cut, was General Daud Askaryar, a competent General of the Ministry of Interior. He had been the in the hospital for a month prior to the attack. The other two murdered senior officers were generals of the Ministry of Defense.

Askaryar carried out many duties in the past 42 years of his services in military departments. He commanded the Herat border brigade and served in law management. He was head of the Nimroze province firefighting department and commander of the police academy and chief supply officer for interior ministry.

During the Babrak Karmal government, Askaryar was jailed and in the Mohammad Najibullah Ahmadzai presidency, he was sentenced to death, but was rescued.

Askaryar’s sons who survived the terrorist attack on hospital said the first terrorist who fired on hospital personnel and patients in the fourth floor, was a doctor who used to check patients.

“A man in military uniform with doctor’s white clothing over had a gun to his shoulder when he came to us. When the door of a room opened, he started firing on patients,” said Mohammad Nasim Askaryar, son of General Askaryar.

“A big man come and fired on us and an girl of eight or nine years was killed,” said Mozmel, Askaryar’s son.
Mozmel is suffered mentally after seeing the attack and says that images of the dead and injured people are still before his eyes and he cannot forget the scene.

“They took us to a room where there was lots of blood, injured and killed people. It was a very bad situation,” he added.
People rescued of the attack, said terrorists were reporting to some other people about their killings.

“They were talking on phones in the Pashto language and were reporting that they had killed three or four people,” Mohammad Nasim said.
Abdul Fatah has lost his brother and nephew in the attack and found his nephew’s body one day after the attack. His nephew, along with five others, were killed by grenade inside the elevator.

“They are not Muslim, they are not human. They are savages,” he said.
Ministry of Defense (MoD) have said some people from inside the hospital helped the terrorists and stressed that the attack was masterminded in one of the neighboring countries.

“Terrorists had masterminded the attack in a neighboring countries,” Mohammad Radmanesh, MoD spokesperson said.

The deadly attack has claimed lives of more than 50 people and has injured more than 100 others.
Former government officials and Afghanistan citizens have accuse the defense minister and chief of army staff of being directly involved in the attack.

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