Refugee Parents Who Killed Their Own Child Get Compensation

From Fria-Tider:
One of the parents killed the five-month old child in a refugee accommodation in Sunne in June last year. But the prosecution could not prove which one of them did, so now both compensation from the State.

It was the middle of June last year that the child, a girl, was found difficult to be injured in a refugee accommodation in Sunne in Värmland. The child was taken to the Central Hospital in Karlstad but the damage was so severe that the girl died.

It is clear that one of the parents did the deed, and both were in custody for the murder of three months. But they blamed each other and the prosecutor could not prove who did it.

- We know the time and place and that any of them made it. But their stories differ greatly and we can not prove which version is true, so there is no way to prosecute anyone, said prosecutor Barbro Brännlund when the preliminary investigation was closed down under the NWT.

Now JK granted the woman 164,000 crowns in compensation for the time she was arrested for the murder.

The prosecutor objected to the high compensation on the grounds that the woman herself caused the long period of detention when she lied about her identity. JK did not share that view, as a suspect is not obliged to cooperate in an investigation.

The arrested man is expected to receive compensation of about the same size.

This, therefore, even though one of the two certainly killed the child. Preliminary investigation leader Jonny Thomann at the police unit for serious crimes have likened the child's injury at the "clean traffic accident damage".

But according to the man's lawyer, Ulf Ljungqvist, this is how it is in the rule of law.

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