Imam Arrested For Running Prostitution Network From Saudi Mosque

From Breit-Bart:
An imam was arrested earlier this week in Saudi Arabia on charges of performing illicit sexual acts and operating a prostitution network from within a mosque, the Saudi media reported. 
The imam, a Bangladeshi immigrant from the city of Afif, allegedly solicited Bangladeshi housekeepers to have sex with him inside his mosque and passed them on to another man for a fee – though it remains unclear whether these acts were performed inside the mosque’s four walls.

A video of his arrest, in which several women were seen inside the mosque, sent shockwaves across the kingdom’s mainstream and social media.

It was also reported that the local branch of the Ministry of Religions appointed a special investigator.

Many social media users cursed the imam and evidenced an anti-immigrant sentiment.

“This is what happens when you give immigrants too much credit,” Amer Alshamry tweeted.

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