Mutilated Women In Sweden

From Fria-Tider:
In Sweden, there are 38,000 women who have undergone female genital mutilation. While there are few who report the assault, reports SR.

The figure, the Board has come to the conclusion based on how many people in Sweden who come from countries where it is estimated that over 50 percent of girls are sexually mutilated. Among the municipal staff is above all nurses who come in contact with the phenomenon. In healthy talks with the students will sometimes voiced about the girls have problems that are caused by such interference.

At Mosaic School in Malmö, where students are new arrivals in Sweden, set the questions about circumcision to all the girls who come from countries where it is known that female genital mutilation is common.

- That's right so many countries, actually. They often talk about Somalia, but it's several other countries as it is available from, says Margot Olsson, Malmö's women's coordinator.

If you hear of to the care can help in various ways with their problems, says Olsson. The problem is that many people do not report that they have been subjected to such abuse because they do not want to create problems for their parents.

- Children do not want to even parents will go to prison, in general, says Olsson.

Since 1999, it is forbidden to könsstympa women who are Swedish citizens, even when the surgery is done abroad.

Free Times wrote earlier this week that the existence of genitally mutilated women has increased by 30 percent in Germany only since 2014, as the immigration from African and Muslim countries have risen sharply.

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