Migrants Try To Snatch Woman's Baby

From Express:
A GROUP of migrants have been arrested in Serbia on suspicion of trying to snatch a baby from a woman as she walked down the street.

Ana Blazic told local media she was pushing her newborn son in his pram while out with her two young nephews in Obrenovac, close to the Serbian capital of Belgrade.

She said one man approached her and pushed her over before trying to take the pram with her baby inside.

Ms Blazic said: "I fell on the other migrant, and the two others were standing to the side.

"Somehow, I reached the carriage and started to pull it back.

"Many things crossed my mind in that moment. I thought my baby would fall out of the pram and be hurt and paralysed.

"I thought they would take my baby that I had waited so long for.

"I fought with all my strength not to let them take him away from me."

She said the migrants were scared off by a man who was passing by and began shouting at them.

Ms Blazic, who had been trying for a baby for 10 years before successfully conceiving through IVF, added: "I am still in shock and I can't stop thinking what could have happened."

She appealed for the man who intervened to come forward so she can thank him.

According to Serbian police, four suspects have been arrested.

They are from Afghanistan and Pakistan and were seen at a bureau de change just before the attack.

A bureau de change employee said they had exchanged $10 (£8.61) and seemed cheerful.

Ms Blazic's brother Predrag Velimirovic, whose two children were walking with her at the time of the attack, said he no longer feels safe in his hometown.

He said: "My son, who was with Ana at the time of the attack, is eight years old.

"He said to me, 'Dad, you have no idea how scary it was'."

There are reportedly 571 migrants living in a refugee centre at a military barracks in Obrenovac.

Since the attack, security measures around the centre had been increased, according to Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy Aleksandar Vulin.

There will now be pass cards for them to go out of the centre.

Mr Vulin said: "Certain restrictions have been established for the movement of the migrants. The Ministry of Interior Affairs has increased the number of police officers in the field and the situation in the centre of the town is stable."

The name of the suspects were not released and details of charges against them were not made public.

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