Kidnap Victim Threatened With Stoning In Saudi Arabia

From Daily-Mail:
A Turkish woman kidnapped following a Mecca mosque crush which claimed more than 1,400 lives in 1990 is facing death by stoning after her real family tracked her down after 27 years.

Fahire Kara, who was on pilgrimage to Mecca with her husband Abdoulla in July 1990 when she was critically wounded in the crush outside the Grand Mosque.

Her husband clambered over the bodies of the dead and the dying to find his wife who was seriously injured and saying the Muslim creed to cleanse her soul.

Abdoulla was taken to hospital for treatment and when he was released he went searching for his wife.

Despite searching hospitals and morgues he could not locate her, returning home in mourning.

However, a Yemeni binman kidnapped Fahire and instead of taking her to hospital, he brought her to a house in Medina where she was locked up.

The kidnapper made Fahire into his wife and locked her up for six years. The only time during that period she was allowed out of the building was to deliver his three children.

According to EuroNews, she eventually became aware that her family had been looking for her after hearing about the story of a missing Turkish woman.

However, she has been warned by Saudi authorities, if she tries to return home to Turkey, she faces being stoned to death for adultery.

Otherwise, she has to turn her kidnapper husband in so he can be executed.

It is understood Turkish diplomats are working on the case to try and see the woman returned home without anyone being killed.

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