Fourteen Year Old Christian Convert Left In Coma After Islamic Beating

From WND:
The issue of what Muslims believe and how they influence society is much in the news right now as critics of President Trump badger him for what they call a ban on Muslim immigrants, even though the ban contains no reference to Muslims or Islam.

His ban centers on the threat of terrorists entering the U.S. from nations that have been known promoters of terrorism.

But few of those critics have experienced first-hand the wrath of Muslims, as has Pastor Paul Ciniraj and members of his Christian ministry.

His Bibles for Mideast is an underground work that deals daily with those consequences. What’s known is that the group collects and distributes Bibles to people in the nations of the the Middle East.

Many other details are kept confidential for the safety of the missionaries, those who want Bibles and those to whom the agency delivers help.

But it’s clear that the ministry knows well the atrocities being perpetrated by Muslims against those who reject their beliefs.

On of the ministry’s latest reports was about Lydia, the 14-year-old daughter of Yoonus, a missionary with Bibles4Mideast.

The ministry reported that she was left in a coma in an undisclosed north African country after being attacked and forcibly mutilated by Islamists upset with her conversion to Christianity.

But she stunned doctors and hospital workers by getting up from her bed and going home, after at least two physicians had declared her dead.

Ciniraj told WND the background: The girl was attacked by “fanatic Muslim men and woman” while walking home from school, dragged to a nearby home and subjected to “brutal female genital mutilation.”

She was left in a coma.

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”

“Yoonus, originally from another part of Africa, had been a Muslim scholar. One day while teaching his Muslim students, he had a vision of the Lord Jesus Christ and soon accepted Him as Lord and Saviour. His family followed him into the Kingdom. Due to severe persecution in their native village, however, the entire family had to flee to their current home,” Ciniraj reported.

“Yoonus has labored hard to earn a livelihood, do underground evangelism among the locals, and to pray without ceasing. The local Muslim community recently learned he had left Islam and was now leading Muslims to Christ. The imam of the mosque, along with community leaders, urged him to return to Islam. They promised many gifts and services to his family should he renounce his new faith, but he stood fearlessly for Christ and refused.

“Lydia also boldly proclaimed Jesus as the Son of God, the only Lord and Savior for the entire world. She loved to speak of how He died on the cross of Calvary and rose from the dead to save everyone from sin and death,” he reported.

Two doctors on Thursday in the West African nation “confirmed the death of Lydia (14), the daughter of Yoonus, a Christian missionary with Bibles for Mideast.”

He explained, “She had been in a coma for six days after being brutally subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) by Muslim radicals on her way home from school last week.

“Brother Yoonus immediately contacted Pastor Paul, the director of Bibles for Mideast and patron of the Assembly of Loving God,” Ciniraj reported.

But, “An hour after Lydia’s death, workers [went to remove] her body from her hospital room. Her parents, brothers, sisters and other believers surrounded her, sobbing at the tragic loss of their beloved. Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff arrived to have a last look at young Lydia’s lifeless body, now draped in a white cloth,” he told WND.

“Suddenly, someone noticed the fabric shaking. Could it be wind blowing in from outdoors? The trembling intensified, but now, clearly, the movement came from beneath the cloth.

“Then, just as suddenly, Lydia herself threw off the white covering and stood from the bed. ‘Mummy, our Lord Jesus, our Lord and God Jesus Christ!’ she exclaimed joyously,” he explained.

While nurses and workers screamed “Ghost! Ghost!” and baked away in terror, Lydia addressed her mother.

“Mummy, I’m Lydia … not a ghost. I’m alive! Jesus gave me my life back, and healed me! See, He’s just disappearing there on the clouds!’ She pointed her finger towards the sky,” Ciniraj said.

Lydia, according to the Bibles4Mideast report, explained, “My soul left my body and I was dead. Angels came to receive me to heaven. But Jesus appeared before me and said, ‘I cannot turn back from the prayers of my children. My eyes are upon my children and ears are open to their prayer. So I give you your life back, for the issues of death belong to me. You go, and be my witness.’ Then he put his face right against and right into mine. He breathed into my nostrils, and my soul went in. Then he moved his nail-scarred hands over my body and healed me completely!”

Ciniraj told WND that Lydia almost immediately left the hospital, spurning efforts by the doctors to insist on a “thorough checkup.”

He warned, however, that the danger in which the family lives still is real.

“[The] Islamic threat is very strong. The latest information I got was that some of the community members [are getting] more violent,” he said.

The ministry operates in almost 20 Middle East nations where, while Islam is the largest religion, “thousands upon thousands of people secretly believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior,” he said.

Paul Marshall, Lela Gilbert and Nina Shea have collaborated to create “Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians,” which confirms that groups like Pew Research, Newsweek and The Economist also identify Christians as “the world’s most widely persecuted religious group.”

Pastor Paul told WND he launched his work after having a vision of helping Muslims in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

He had been working for Salem Voice Ministries when he was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent successful treatment.

“Because I was aware that Lord saved me from sin and [and] death from [a] Muslim background and appointed me as a labor in His vineyard … I prayed to God to show me what I have to do further,” he said.

What followed was a plan to distribute Bibles as well as the Gospel message.

The operation follows the direction of a nine-member board and sets as its goal to “reach the unreached by spreading the message of the Gopsel and distributing Bibles free of cost” to Muslims.

The Middle East and other Muslim-dominated areas are the main focus of its work.

At this point, it faces various obstacles from “the government, religious authorities, militants and fanatic people, police and intelligence authorities,” he said.

“Three of our pastors were kidnapped by terrorists last year … but everybody rejoiced in the Lord when they came back miraculously. After one of our baptism service militants came to kill all of us and we all frightened but Lord saved us in the form of a dust storm and later Lord saved the militants too. Recently, two of our pastors and other two believers were brutally beaten by police who arrested them.”

A Shariah court then sent them to a secret jail.

He said most of the time, the Bibles are welcomed by people.

“But in secret.”

That’s because of the domination by Islam of society.

“[We’re] very secret in the way we approach the people with the gospel,” he explained.

But he sees evidence of God’s intervention and wishes Christians across the West would understand that some risk may be needed to reach out around the world.

“They cannot imagine the dangerous situation we are facing here. People of West should know this. And pray for the ministry and the gospel workers here more and more and more.”

Comfortable Western Christians talk about the persecution of Christians, he said, “but they won’t take little bit risk also to support this ministry; that’s what I feel.”

“We have to love them [Muslims] to make our Lord’s people,” he said.

On its website, the ministry explains: “While most Middle Eastern countries remain dead-set against the propagation of the Gospel, thank God that in some areas that is changing. Days and nights of prayer and fasting have opened doors for Bible distribution, evangelism and house-church planting, though most work remains highly secret.”

The Middle East has some 500 million residents, the site explains.

“While Islam remains the largest religion, thousands upon thousands of people secretly believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior. Living in mostly highly restricted areas, they hunger and thirst for the Word of God. Many governments in the region totally prohibit owning or distributing Bibles.”

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