Child Bride Becomes Pregnant In Sweden

From Fria-Tider:
The girl who came to Sweden from Syria was married off to a cousin when she was twelve years old. In Sweden, she has been placed with his aunt and her family.

The cousin also lives in Sweden, and it is he who paid for the girl and her family's trip here. The girl, who according to the register of births from Syria 14 years, has managed to become pregnant in Sweden.

Social services in Mönsterås requested that the girl would be taken care of according to the Care of Young Persons were dismissed by the administrative court in Växjö. The court justified its reasoning that the girl is "by Swedish standards precocious." 14-year-old further said to have "a firm foundation in their faith and in the culture that she grew up in."

Political scientist and journalist Sakine Madon, question the judgment of an editorial in the VLT.

"So if a girl is considered 'premature', it is less wrong that she is part of a child marriage? So if the girl has a certain religious and cultural background, are child marriages in order?" She writes, and continues:

"It is difficult to interpret the judgment in another way. The girl also described as a mature person with free will. Anyone who knows what honor culture is well aware of the powerlessness and press a minor married girl exposed. Why close your eyes right because she is underage ? '

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