Syrian Refugees Gang-Rape Thirteen Year Old In Norway

From Fria-Tider:
The event has attracted great attention in Norwegian media last week. Three Arab brothers, 19, 20 and 24 year old, who cry out about how they cheated that in turn have sex with a 13-year-old Norwegian girl. Claiming that the girl had sex with them to later demand money from them. Claiming that the girl said that she is 18 years old. And that tells a heartbreaking story of how they were forced to flee IS depredations in Aleppo in Syria and eventually found refuge in Norway.

- We do not know if our family lives, the sobs.

One of the men claimed initially that he had not even had sex with the girl, but was forced to change his mind after his DNA was found inside her. He says now that he was so drunk that he probably will not remember that they had sex.

The event must have occurred in Haugesund on May 28 last year. The girl and her companion got in touch with the youngest of the brothers via Snapchat and agreed to meet him in a park in the city. After the meeting went with the girls to go with the Arabs apartment.

There, they were offered beer and listened to music and later in the night locked in the men with the girls in a bedroom and took turns molesting them. 13-year-old has been told that she held firm and raped. The other girl will among other things have been kissed and fondled her breasts.

The 13-year-old girl has been very reticent about the abuse, and it has been difficult for the police to interrogate her. The assault was reported by her guardians and it took a month after the first hearing before she finally pointed out the youngest of the rapists, writes Dagbladet.

Therefore, the prosecutor focuses on whether the three Arabs understood that the girl was under 16, which is the legal limit for consent in Norway.

- The girl was great, she told herself repeatedly that she was 18, she smoked and drank alcohol. There was no reason to believe that she lied about age, said the three accused.

The prosecution must prove that the Arabs either lying or should have realized that the girl was under 16 years old to get them convicted of rape. And that's the debate in Norway now all about.

- My client admits that he had intercourse with the girl. He claims that the girl claimed to be 18 years old on several social media and that he had been careful enough to check her real age. He trusted that she was over 18 and my client believes that she saw adult, says Erik Lea's defense attorney for the 20-year-old refugee.

Judgment in the case is expected to be pronounced on Thursday next week.

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