Islamic State Medic Tortured Women

From The-Sun:
Islam Taha al-Obaidi took part in the torture of enslaved women and personally killed civilians along with patching up fellow terrorists.

He was blasted along with four aides near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk in a joint Kurdish Peshmerga and US operation last Wednesday.

A Kurdistan Security Council statement said: “Al-Obaidi was Chief Emir of ISIS’ Health Department in the Kirkuk Province and was responsible for killing tens of civilians in the Kirkuk province.

“He took part in the martyrdom of four Peshmerga in January 2015 and played a key part in harming Kurdish Yazidi women in Hawija.”

Al-Obaidi, also known as Dr Muawiya to his warped comrades, had been holed up in Hawija, around 20 miles west of the recently liberated city when US jets struck.

The area around Kirkuk, about 160 miles from Baghdad, is still peppered with ISIS strongholds.

It is thought the region will see an influx of jihadist fighters fleeing from Mosul, which is on the verge of being recaptured by coalition forces.

ISIS has even stopped paying fighters in the city as it loses grip over valuable oil fields and order breaks down in its shrinking territories.

They have also taken to strapping explosives to disabled fighters in a last ditch attempt to retain the important strategic position.

Iraqi forces had retaken around 70 per cent of eastern Mosul last week were expected to reach the river Tigris River that divides the northern city.

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