Imam Says Women Bring Rape On Themselves By Not Dressing Properly

From Financial-Express:
This is the 21st century and every day women in India are not only terrorised by rape but are also blamed for it. On Tuesday Syed Mohammad Nurur R Barkati, Shahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid in Kolkata says young blooded men are bound to get “excited” if girls are not properly dressed. In an interview on national TV he explains “exactly” how a girl should be dressed which has stirred anger amongst feminists and women empowerment civil society organisations. Being the imam of a major mosque in a metropolitan city, he owns no responsibility as to how he is shaping his audience’s intellect. Whereas news of rapes are shaking the nation, he blames young girls for being “inadequately” dressed.
He explains a design of a ‘ganji’. He says that a ganji can be a “respected” ganji but if a ganji is somehow exposing the frontal and falling from the neckline in a certain way it is bound to catch some eyes. What this Imam believes is reiterated before by many politicians in their own language, he is not the only one who blames women for the clothes they choose to wear. But if it is clothes of women which gives free license to men to rape them- or in the imam’s words – gives ‘daawatein nazdara’ to men, how does he explain actions of Sunil Rastogi who was arrested on Monday for raping over 300 minors? Does he mean that girls right from their birth have to subjected to ‘rape education’.

He also said that women themselves should not like it when any portion of their body is naked as it catches the eyes of ‘havas ke shikaris’, which is a common term used in B-grade Hindi movies. He also somehow defends those ‘havas ke shikaris’ for having “young blood in them”, “bacche hai excited toh honge hi”, he says casually.

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