Huge Refugee Camp Fire Started By Migrants Over Ramadan Food

From Express:
A FIRE that broke out at a refugee camp was likely caused by arson, an expert revealed in court.

The evidence was heard in Düsseldorf District Court where two North African men faced charges of arson.

It detailed how the fire took hold at a Düsseldorf refugee camp on June 7, 2016 inside a dorm room.

It left 28 people suffering from smoke poisoning when the hall in Dusseldorf -  that housed about 300 migrants - burned to the ground.

The two accused men - Adel Z. and Mohamad B., - listened calmly as an expert analysed the cause of the fire.

The expert explained how the fire probably spread at noon inside the hall made of metal and wooden walls and which contained foam mattresses.

Both Adel Z. and Mohamad B. listened motionless, while an interpreter translated the expert’s words.

The two 26-year-olds are thought to have set the fire in the accommodation which housed almost 300 residents after getting angry about a Muslim festival.

The prosecutor accused Adel Z. of lighting a mattress because he was angry about the fact that during Ramadan, breakfast and lunch was given to non-Muslims.

The accused Mohamad B., a Moroccan, is said to have encouraged him to light the fire.

Former inhabitants of the accommodation also served as witnesses in the case.

One gave the expert a picture of the fire. In it, two yellow flames could be seen behind wooden screens in the sleeping area.

The expert branded many of the things in the dorm room fire hazards - particularly sandwich plates of metal and insulating foam material.

The court heard that in the months before the fire, the officer had visited the camp and asked for the fire hazards to be removed. But they were not.

An expert told the court that "only arson" was the conceivable cause of the fire since there was no other reason.

A verdict is expected at the end of March.

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