Turks Take Selfies With Bomb

From Daily-Mail:
Men and women have been slammed for taking of themselves with a suspected bomb in Turkey after 38 people were killed in a terror attack in the country.

Police sealed off the scene in the centre of the north-western city of Canakkale and called in the bomb disposal squad, sparking a terrorist alert, but people moved to within yards of it to take pose for pictures.

Cannakele lies on the Dardanelles, on the far side of the Sea of Marmaris from Istanbul where 38 people were killed and 155 wounded in a bombing at Besiktas football club's Vodafone Arena at the weekend.

It was the latest in a series of deadly terrorist bombings this year in Turkish cities including Istanbul and the capital Ankara.

Yet a number of people were captured on camera in Canakkale responding to the discovery of a suspicious bag in the city's Iskele Square by posing for pictures in front of it.

People reacting to the video pointed out that, although the scare turned out to be a false alarm, it could have been a terrorist incident and blasted people who took the pictures with the bag.

One online user, Furkan Ozdemir, said: 'What is the youth thinking of?'

Turgut Ayag added: 'They have lost their minds.'

Police formed a security cordon around the bag, evacuated the area and directed traffic away from the scene while they awaited the bomb disposal team.

A curious crowd gathered on the other side of the square to snap away on their smartphones.

Some even ignored the warnings of police officers by stepping through the cordon to try to get closer to the bag to get a better picture.

A bomb disposal expert was about to destroy the bag in a controlled explosion when a young boy ran up to police officers and revealed the bag was his and contained only fishing gear.

The bomb disposal expert then went over to the back and emptied it of its contents.

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