Schoolgirls Threatened With Rape For Not Being Sufficiently Muslim

From 10-News:
Violent pupils force Swedish schools to cancel teaching…

Until now are about ten schools have been under review, including Rörsjöskolan-Zenith and Augustenborgsskolan. At both schools classes are affected by noise, chaos and violence, and during breaks, it is not unusual to hear racist and homophobic jibes between students, according to one school leader. …

At another school in the region – Johannesskolan – the parents of the youngest pupils are calling for help. Here, the parents all point on the same problems: our six-year-old children are frequently experiencing being exposed to violence and sexual harassment from other students at the school.

‘We are afraid for our children’s safety. There are daily fights. My son was beat up twice in a day. He dared not tell anything to the teachers, since the other boys had threatened to kill him if he did. He wakes up with nightmares at night,’ says Sebastian Nasser, the father of a boy in the kindergarten class at Johannesskolan…

Other parents report that their daughters have experienced having their pants and panties pulled down by some of the school’s older pupils during breaks. Several parents have already moved their children to other schools because of the bad behavior. Teachers do also not feel safe at school.

‘I do not dare go down to the gym with students alone,’ expresses one of the teachers.”

Translated from Sydsvenskan:

Patrik Olsson have already moved his child from St. John’s School. … Another father at the school, who want to remain anonymous to protect his daughter, says she has been beaten at the school for several years.

‘Boys threaten to rape her. They tell her that their fathers will fuck her. They call her a whore. They ask her what religion she has, the father says.

‘They do not believe she is sufficiently Muslim.’

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