Murdered Polish Driver Fought For His Life

From Daily-Mail:
The Polish lorry driver whose truck was used in the Christmas market massacre was on his way home to prepare Christmas presents with his wife when he was stabbed and shot dead, his family have revealed.

Lukasz Urban, a 37-year-old father-of-one, was killed in the carnage that saw a 25-tonne truck career through Berlin's Breitscheidplatz Square, which killed 12 and injured dozens more.
This afternoon it emerged that he was on his way back to wife Zuzanna and their 17-year-old son when he was attacked. She was too traumatised to identify her husband's body and is said to be devastated at the lack of support from Germany.

The owner of Polish haulage firm, Ariel Zurawski, said: 'She is very distressed, as is their son, and they have had no support from either Germany or Poland. No psychologists, specialists, she is on her own.

'Lukasz's plan was to be home by Thursday and prepare presents for Christmas.'

Mr Zurawski said the driver - also his cousin - was hijacked and killed by the man suspected of carrying out the attack.

Alarm bells started ringing for the Polish haulage company when the lorry's GPS showed the vehicle was being driven like a 'beginner'.

The 37-year-old driver disappeared after parking his lorry at a depot in Friedrich-Krauze-Ufer and going for a kebab.

Mr Zurawski, said: 'When I spoke to him he was saying it was a strange area of Berlin because it was full of Muslims.

'The only Germans he came into contact with were those at the depot.'

He added that Mr Urban's wife, Zuzanna, was now in Germany.

He said: 'Lukasz's wife did not want to identify the body, she is too upset. A family member identified Lukasz instead.

'Police in Gryfinie showed me the terrible photo of Lukasz. His face was all bruised and had been cut with a knife. You could tell he put up a fight.

'But I do not believe that one man could have killed my cousin. He was a powerful six-foot-two and weighed 130kg. It had to do a group of people.'

For his horrified family, Mr Urban's death comes as a double tragedy after it was revealed that his brother Konrad had taken his own life just three years earlier.

Talking to MailOnline outside his house in the village of Sobiemysl near Gryfino in northwest Poland, Mr Zurawski said: 'This is a double tragedy for the family. Two years ago his brother killed himself.

'Now their father has been taken into hospital suffering from shock.'

A picture shows married Mr Urban smiling in the cab of a lorry, in 2008, confirmed by his boss and cousin, while another image emerged, taken from CCTV, shortly before he was hijacked.

Mr Zurawski had earlier confirmed the drivers death saying: 'Unfortunately the driver is dead. His body was found in the cabin. His last contact was at 3pm when his wife called him.

'However, she couldn't talk because she was at work. She said she would call at 4pm but she was unable to contact him.

'I have not received official confirmation but I had to recognise him and I had to say that he was my driver.

'Stab wounds were clearly seen at the photo which depicted only my cousin's face. It was really clear that he was fighting for his life. His face was swollen and bloodied.

'Police informed me that he suffered a gunshot wound. Despite being stabbed he was shot dead.'

Interior minister Karl-Heinz Schröter confirmed the death as he prepared for a telephone call with the other interior ministers of the 16 states that make up the German republic.

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