Islamic State Video Shows Turkish Soldiers Being Burnt Alive

From Mirror:
A shocking latest Islamic State propaganda video has been released showing two Turkish soldiers it captured in Syria being BURNT ALIVE.

Turkey tonight blocked its whole population from access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube after the video was released, it's being reported by BNO News .

It's claimed the nation restricted access to social media for fear of widespread unrest.

ISIS has released sickening video before - but this will incense Turkey

Mirror Online has provided an edited excerpt of the video here.

The haunting scenes show the two men standing proud - as if accepting of their fate or in a state of shock that it is happening.

The two soldiers, the video claims, were executed in Wilayat Halab - renamed ISIS territory - in Syria. Some unconfirmed reports say the executions took place near Aleppo.

The chilling 19-minute video opens with the previously-released images of leaders, war footage and audio of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who has previously labelled Turkey an "apostate".

It then shows a montage of suicide bombings, terrorists engaged in combat on the field and graphic aftermath.

Then it switches to show an ISIS terrorist deliver a speech before revealing it has captured two Turkish soldiers it is holding in a cage - with large chains around their necks - who individually speak to camera.

As the terrorist's speech finishes, the two Turkish soldiers are made to crawl to their execution spot.

The bloodthirsty terrorists can then be seen setting them on fire by lighting a fuse.

A trail of fire edges towards them slowly - before they both are engulfed in flames.

Both are shown being burned alive.

Unconfirmed reports say that the two soldiers are:

Sefer Taş (aka Sefter Taş) - abducted in southern Turkey in September 2015 during a clash between ISIS smugglers and Turkish forces
One of two men abducted near al-Bab in Aleppo province on November 29. There is no mention of the whereabouts of the second soldier in the video.
The Turkish government blocked access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube within an hour of the video's release to ISIS terrorist channels by the Halab propaganda arm.

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