Beheading Advocate Found To Be Homophobic

From Express:
The BBC came under fire when Abdul Haqq was included on the show having previously expressed support for Islamic State, despite being cleared last year of joining the group.

British Muslims with contrasting views were put together on the show and filmed, however 35-year-old Haqq offended viewers watching the programme.

The former boxing champion, previously known as Anthony Small before changing his name, is now known for posting videos online with one justifying the beheading of a US journalist.

Haqq gave out leaflets to the women who greeted him when entering the show, which had quotes he had interpreted from the Profit Muhammad to mean that unrelated men and women should not mix.

On the show he said: “What I am a little nervous about so to speak is free mixing, obviously between males and females.

His personal teachings have taught him that “the best place for the woman is in the back row and the best place for the man is in the front row”.

In the footage Haqq can be seen handing his leaflets out, as he also has the belief that he should avoid eye contact with woman.

Abdul’s views shocked and appalled a number of commentators on social media, despite the BBC defending their decision to include him on the show.

One user said: “Really #muslimlikeus where did you find #AbdulHaq did you scour "extreme Muslims ‘r us’ we need more”

Another said: "Abdul just seems so unbelievably angry and hateful, he's not said a positive thing the entire time."

"#abdulhaq what a complete embarrassment he is to Muslims and Islam, #MuslimsLikeUs, raised a Christian, corrupted by fanatics, bad man," a third said.

The show was praised by a lot of social media users, however Haqq’s homophobic views immediately split him from some members of the household.

One social media user finished: "No! No! No! Don't blame your homophobia on being Afro-Caribbean #AbdulHaq, blame it on you being an A-****!"

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