Woman Dragged Behind Car In Noose

From Express:
DOCTORS have brought a woman who was tied to the rear of her violent ex-lover's car and dragged around the streets of a small German town in front of her toddler son out of her artificial coma.

Kader K., 28, can respond to doctors treating her but has been unable to explain the motive behind the attack on her nine days ago in the town of Hameln.

Her two-year-old son Cude was forced to sit next to his father as she was dragged nearly to her death with a rope around her neck.

Her violent ex Nurretin B., 38, stabbed her before her ordeal began.

Moments after he stopped his car when the rope dragging her broke he walked into a town police station with the child in his arms and gave himself up.

Germany is reeling from the brutality of the crime.

Kader K. underwent two emergency operations following her ordeal.

"The fact that the two-year-old had to listen to his mother's screams added an entirely new dimension of horror to the attack," said one policeman.

Maruf K., 35, the brother of Kader, told Germany's Bild: "Her tormentor is a brutal thug."

He said Nurretin B. had attacker her and her family many times in the past, once breaking the nose of Kader's mother.

The duo, who have Kurdish-German roots, parted but he drove from his home nearby to Hameln on November 20 where he assaulted her in the flat where she lived with Cude.

Nurretin B. will be charged with attempted murder and assault.

Cude has been examined by child trauma specialists after hearing what newspapers called the "martyrdom" of his mother as he sat in the car.

The town - world famous as a tourist draw because of the fairy tale of the Pied Piper who famously cleared it of a rat plague during the Middle Ages - remains nervous and tense.

Police said the families of both Kader and her attacker were "large" and there are real fears of revenge attacks by one against the other.

Extra police have been patrolling the streets since the events of the weekend.

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