Swedish Rape Victim Called Racist For Identifying Her Rapist

From Fria-Tider:
21-year-old Sofia Emilson in Värmland Torsby night between Saturday and Sunday gone to sleep with her and 28-year-old cohabitant Patrik Pantzars 18 month old boy.

Patrik remain in your living room downstairs because he was waiting for a friend to come and sleep over. He doze off briefly and then fit anyone to enter the house through the unlocked front door.

"I thought I heard reached so went upstairs but saw nothing so went back down. Whereupon a few minutes later Fia screaming at me that someone is in the room," writes Patrick on Facebook.

"Got a shock"
The man who sneaked into the house have been hiding under the couple's bed. When Patrick goes down the stairs again gives the man at Sofia who is sleeping.

- I woke up in the middle of the night by a caress on my butt. Got a shock when I turned around and saw that it was my boyfriend who was there, but a totally foreign unknown man, she tells VF.

The stranger hyschar to Sofia to be quiet by placing a finger over her mouth, but when she screams for help and he realizes that he is unmasked, he escapes out the window on the second floor.

"He should have settled considerably so should limp," says Patrik.

"African appearance"
Police have issued a descriptions of the rapist.

- The man had African appearance, with dark hair and possibly set up in a large tassel, says police investigator Johanna Sachs.

Furthermore, he is deemed to be fairly short, maximum 170 centimeters, and 18-20 years old. He must also have had a football sweater.

Police have secured technical traces of man of the house, including hand- and fingerprints on the window he broke through.

In social media, it is an occasional racist who is angry that the scared woman is not silent about the rapist is African.

"How dark-skinned, he was, and makes it worse that he was dark-skinned and why it is mentioned otherwise in the second sentence, I wonder?" asks a middle-aged man who quickly gets attacked by a large number of outraged women.

No arrested
When the Free Times calling Patrik during Monday morning he has trouble talking on the phone.

- You call a bit silly because I have police here now, he says.

- We are there and doing crime scene investigation right now, explains Stefan Hedelin that police investigators in Torsby for free times.

No one has yet been arrested for rape attempt.

Torsby has in recent years received a large number of immigrants from the Third World. According to the municipality's website there are no less than seven asylum accommodation with room for 800 new arrivals in a society which has 4,000 inhabitants.

The police, however, is reticent if you have any suspicions about the man was coming from.

- No, I can not comment on it, saying Hedelin.

Torsby arm themselves
Many women report that they are now arming themselves with baseball bats and other weapons to defend themselves if someone breaks into their home. Some would go further and seek out the perpetrator.

Patrick notes that Torsby changed radically in recent years.

"How the hell are they torsby I grew up in anymore. If you're reading this, you pig. So you should know that we will find you were so damn sure," he writes.

Sofia write on Facebook that she "never been so jumpy" in her life and she appeals to the public for help to get the African rapist.

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