Islamic Death Cult ISIS Teaching Children How To Make Suicide Bombs

From Express:
Children living under the rule of Islamic death cult ISIS are being taught how to chop off people's heads and build bombs from scratch.

Families fleeing jihadis in Iraq have told of how children living under the so called caliphate were forced to watch footage of death and destruction to train them as recruits.

One father called Hamid said he had seen a television set up in the garden of a local school run by jihadis "where they were showing propaganda: how to kill and how to make suicide bombs and how to cut heads off".

He said many parents tried to shield their sons from seeing the horrific videos by keeping them at home.

Hamid said: "We told them... you should not believe it. This is not the right Islam. We were guiding our children to make sure they didn't believe everything they were taught."

His family have now fled the Isis-held city of Mosul, which was liberated on Saturday, for an Iraqi government-run refugee camp where another father said children had been sent to training camps for 40 days to be taught how to kill soldiers.

The father, called Karim, said: "They used to take about 50-100 children for each programme. A lot of children obeyed ISIS and then they were killed in fighting."

He added: "It's difficult for my girls, they were very scared, crying all the time, shaking. I want my children to get educated, and get a job. The most important thing for them is to read and to write."

Save the Children, which is working to help boys and girls traumatised by the ongoing conflict in Iraq, have said that more than one million children have either been out of school or forced to learn from an ISIS curriculum in the country - with some being brainwashed by the cult for as long as two years.

The revelation that ISIS is training up children came as news hit that jihadi fighters had reportedly beheaded 100 civilians in a liberated city south of Mosul.

The mass grave was found by Iraqi forces in a college building in the town of Hamam al-Alil.

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