Imam Charged For Preaching Jews Offspring Of Apes And Pigs

From WND:
A Muslim imam in Denmark has been charged under the nation’s racism ban after he posted online a sermon calling Jews the “offspring of apes and pigs,” an interpretation of the Quran held by many Muslim scholars.

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khaled Samha was speaking at a mosque run by the Islamic Society of Denmark in Vollsmose, a suburb of Odense, the Middle East Media Research Institute reported Tuesday.

Reports in Danish-language media said Nov. 14 that Samha had been indicted for violating Article 266b of Denmark’s penal code.

Police said he was speaking to a large congregation in the mosque in September 2014, and the speech later was publicized on the Internet.

Prosecutor Maria Fano Fred Loop said the 58-year-old defendant denied the charges.

In the speech, Samha also reportedly said: “Oh Muslims, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

He was citing the Hadith of Bukhari, a sacred collection of the sayings and teachings of Islam’s prophet, Muhammad.

The penalty could be up to two years behind bars.

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MEMRI reported the prosecution developed after its clip of the comments was released.

MEMRI said that over the past two years it has translated numerous sermons by sheiks in Europe “containing anti-Christian and anti-Jewish incitement, incitement to violence and jihad, and pro-ISIS and other jihadi content.”

In many cases, the translations have led to arrests, criminal charges and other legal action, MEMRI said.

“According to reports, it took two years to indict Samha because the matter had first been submitted to the public prosecutor and then sent to the prosecutor general, who eventually sent it back to police. It was also reported that prosecutors were considering action against him for engaging in spreading propaganda. The case is slated to be heard in a court in Odense, Denmark, where the offense was committed, on December 20, 2016.”

MEMRI also said that Samha years had had a brush with a terror incident.

“Years before his statements at the Odense mosque, in September 2006, it was reported in Germany that a suspect in a botched August 2006 plot to bomb two trains in Germany, was found to have Al-Khaled Samha’s phone number in his pocket,” MEMRI said.

“Al-Khaled Samha had denied knowing the suspect, but said it was a matter of time before terrorists would strike Denmark,” the group said.

“Prior to that, Al-Khaled Samha was a member of the delegation that in December 2005 traveled to Egypt and the Middle East to publicize the publication the previous September of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, leading to the widespread controversy over the matter,” MEMRI said.

In the 2014 address, the imam also said, “[Palestine] is a blessed and sacred land, and the people living there are blessed and sacred. Its air is sacred, its soil is sacred, and its people are sacred and blessed. These are not my own words, but the words of Allah in the Quran. So how can we – or any free Muslim with faith in his heart – accept the division of Palestine between [the Palestinians] and a gang of Jews, the offspring of apes and pigs? …

“Palestine has been and will remain the land of Islam. It is the land of Islam – a sacred and blessed land. It is the land of the gathering and resurrection [on Judgment Day]. It is the land of the great battle, in which the Muslims will fight the Jews, and the trees and the stones will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah! There is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.'”

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