German Terror Police Foil Second ISIS Airport Attack Plot In Under A Month

From Daily-Mail:
German police have arrested a Syrian man in Berlin suspected of plotting a terror attack on a city airport, it has emerged.

The man, who has lived in Germany since 2015 and claims to be 27, was seized late last night at an apartment in the Schoeneberg district of the capital.

He is suspected of belonging to a foreign terror organisation - believed to be ISIS, according to reports in Germany.

It comes just weeks after a 22-year-old bogus refugee called Jaber Al-Bakr was captured after police raided his apartment in the city of Chemnitz to discover a bomb under construction.

He was arrested in Leipzig two days after the raid following a nationwide manhunt and later killed himself in a police cell.

Focus Magazine, known for its strong sources within German intelligence, said officials were describing the man arrested in Berlin as a 'second Al-Bakr' who was planning to attack an airport in the city.

He was arrested at his apartment in the Schoeneberg district of the city.

'He is regarded as highly dangerous among intelligence officials,' said Focus.

He was identified in the Die Welt newspaper as Shraf al-T, born in Tunisia but who arrived in Germany on a Syrian passport.

According to multiple media reports, he and a friend of the same age had been under the observation of security officials for some time.

The decision to arrest him at his apartment in Kolonenstrasse came late on Wednesday evening. The police operation took several hours and numerous cartons were removed from the flat.

German security services have been on high alert in recent months over the possibility of -Islamist attacks.

The was targeted by a series of attacks this past summer, including two in the southern state of Bavaria that were both claimed by ISIS.

In the first attack, a 17-year-old Afghani with an ax attacked passengers on a train in Wurzburg before being shot dead by security forces. A week lateran attacker set off a bomb outside a cafe in Ansbach, killing himself and wounding 12 others.

In August, German authorities arrested a man on suspicion of storing materials that could be used as explosives. The suspect also had items in his apartment glorifying ISIS.

In late September, police arrested a 16-year-old Syrian refugee in Cologne on suspicion he was planning a bombing.

A week earlier, they detained three men with forged Syrian passports who were believed to be a possible ISIS 'sleeper cell' linked to those behind the November Paris attack

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