German Imams Caught Carrying Out Child Marriages To Be Fined Just £900

From Express:
The country’s Ministry of Justice is attempting to eradicate marriages involving minors with legal adjustments.

A group are now proposing new legislation, including the fining of imams responsible for marrying minors up to £900.

The CDU/CSU alliance is now pushing for tougher laws on those who carry out such unions.

A spokesman said: "It is really about time that our legal system implements a clear prohibition of child marriages: no child marriages here, there can be no legal grey zone.

"We need the clear age limit of 18 years in Germany. Children's well-being always takes precedence over marriage."

"Instead of going to school or getting an education, the child is a wife and perhaps a mother. It does not have a childhood, nor the chance for a self-determined life.

”A child marriage steals the future of the girl."

The debate has been prioritised due to the impact of the migrant crisis. With many migrants arriving from area where child marriage is common, the number of underage unions has bloomed in recent months.

In July this year, the country’s foreign register included 1,475 married young people. A total of 481 were under 16 years of age, 361 of which were under 14.

Bavaria's Justice Minister Winfried Bausback supported the proposal to fine imams.

He said: “This is the best way to protect the child's wellbeing and is - also to the outside - the clearest signal against child marriages.”

The move to ban underage marriages and to fine imams was welcomed by campaigners and rights activists.

Lawyer Seyran Ates said: “For me, eighteen years, that is to say, the age of maturity, is a good age to which you can connect self-sufficiency of a woman. All other backdoors must be closed.”

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