Muslim Woman Beaten Up And Threatened

From Express:
A YOUNG Muslim woman has been brutally beaten by her two female cousins while her father threatened to murder her because of her relationship with a Roman Catholic.

The brave 22-year-old pressed charges of assault and harassment against her cousins – the case against her father was dropped due to lack of evidence – and faced her estranged family for the first time in nearly two years in court on Thursday.

The Muslim/Catholic couple – whose real names have not been disclosed under French law – kept their relationship a closely guarded secret for years, knowing that the young Muslim woman’s ultra-Islamic family would force her to put an end to her illicit love affair with a ‘non-believer’.

But in January 2015, after dating for more than three years, the couple decided to make their relationship public.

The alleged victim of the assaults left her parents a letter explaining that they would “never accept” her relationship and that she didn’t want to “hurt them,” and that leaving home was her only choice.

Around three weeks later, two of her cousins called an emergency family meeting in a bid to convince her to change her mind and come home.

But Reims Crown Court heard the meeting did not go as planned.

The alleged victim claims her cousins – aged 21 and 27 – hurled abuse at her, pulled her hair, threw punches at her, and kicked her repeatedly, before ordering her to get into their car.

Her parents and sisters also shunned and threatened her. Her father, a practising Muslim, threatened her with death over the phone: “If I find you, I’ll kill you,” he allegedly told her in Arabic.

Her sisters also cut off all contact.

“We were so close and then all of a sudden, I was no longer a part of their lives,” she said.

The Muslim woman also said that members of her family had vandalised her postbox and her boyfriend’s car, and that she had been flooded with abusive phone calls.

Badly injured after the attack and fearing further reprisals, the young woman was signed off work for 10 days and decided to press charges before fleeing Reims, her home town, with her clandestine boyfriend. She was also forced to quit her job, and is now working as a nurse in an unknown location.

The two cousins, however, are denying the charges of assault and threatening behaviour.

Judges are expected to announce their verdict next month, on November 17.

The alleged victim’s lawyer Simon Miravete, said: “This is not just about religion. This is about a young woman fighting for her freedom.”

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