Memorial To IDF Friendly Fire Victims Vandalized

From Y-Net:
The families of the two victims, who were both accidentally shot dead in a friendly fire exchange during the Second Intifada when IDF forces mistook them for terrorists, discovered the desecrated memorial on Friday morning during their customary weekly visit to the site. The vandals had set fire to the olive tree planted in their honor and damaged the memorial plaque itself.

The families have been visiting the site for 13 years before sunrise every Friday to recite the Jewish morning prayers (Shaharit) on the peak where the memorial stands on 'Antenna Hill' near Hebron.

Ben Yosef had already been discharged from the military and worked guarding a military antenna installed on a hill adjacent to Ma'ale Hever in Mount Hebron. Doron, who had finished the officers' training course and was on furlough before beginning his new position, had passed the night guarding with his friend.

On March 13, 2003, the date of the incident, an IDF Maglan force identified the two as terrorists and fired on them from a helicopter, killing them both. The fallen soldiers' families and friends erected a memorial at the place, with the assistance of the Mount Hebron Regional council, which was inaugurated in 2004.

Doron's mother, Esther, told Ynet, "They've committed a pogrom against us. I wasn't surprised by it." She continued to say that "if a Jew had uprooted an olive tree, everyone would have been called" to the scene.

She insisted that the IDF, though busy, "should patrol the memorial regularly and not give up, and look for (the perpetrators" and punish them.

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