Chelmsford Sex Gang Trial

From Essex-Live:
A woman who claimed she was given drugs and raped by the ringleader of an alleged Iranian sex gang when she was a child was lying because she told police he had a big penis when it is in fact "very small", a court heard.

Now in her 20s, the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was being cross-examined at Chelmsford Crown Court yesterday (October 27) regarding allegations against former pizza shop worker Mohammed Rostami.

She says the 37-year-old man was the head of a sex gang that groomed young girls while he worked at CM Pizza on Duke Street in Chelmsford, the court heard.

Cross-examining the woman Janick Fielding, defending, said: "In the interview you have given to police you have said quite a few things about Mohammed Rostami.

"In particular, what I want to ask you about is where you have said things about him having sex with you and where you have told us he has taken you to other people to have sex or arranged and I want to ask about when you have said he has given you drugs."

Mr Fielding went on to suggest that the alleged victim was making the allegations up and that Rostami had never had sex with her.

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He highlighted discrepancies between descriptions she gave of Rostami in different interviews and pointed out other details which he said were incorrect.

He said: "I'm going to suggest that when you did know him, you did not know him well. He was just a person you saw at the pizza place.

"In one interview, you described him as being related to the others [defendants].

"He is not related to anyone in this case."

The woman replied: "He might not be but that's what he told me."

The case is being heard at Chelmsford Crown Court
Mr Fielding continued: "In your interview, you said he made pizzas and delivered pizzas. I'm going to suggest to you that he was actually a kebab chef.

"You described in an interview that he owned a number of shops. A barbers, an African shop, and at one point, most of the shops on Duke Street.

"He only ever owned the barbers and that was in 2012.

"I'm suggesting he never owned any of the other shops."

Mr Fielding outlined various physical descriptions the woman had given of Rostami across different police interviews.

He said: "You said he always wore Prada shoes then later you said he always wore Air Max trainers.

"In the second interview you said he had a small mole somewhere on his face that comes out.

"He has got a mole on his face but he's never had a mole that comes out.

"You said he always wore baggy trousers and always had gold jewellery on and in the fourth interview you said he always wears tracksuits.

"Do you remember him having an injury? Do you remember, around the time you were 13, any injury or operation he had?"

The alleged victim said she didn't.

Mr Fielding said: "At that time he had been stabbed in the hand and his hand was in a bandage.

"From that time on his left hand was scarred and deformed. He has limited use. If you had been close to him you would have realised he had an injury on his left hand."

The woman said: "To be fair, back then, most of the time I was off my face on drugs."

Mr Fielding then explained that Rostami had a son from a previous relationship's name tattooed on this inside of his wrist.

The alleged victim had said he didn't have tattoos that she was aware of during a police interview.

Mr Fielding said: "You described Mohammed Rostami's back as being hairy.

"It's not hairy at all."

The woman, who was behind screens, said he must have shaved or waxed his back.

Mr Fielding explained that Rostami had never had a hairy back because even if he had shaved it, there would still be follicles.

He continued: "When asked, you said to police that he has quite a big penis.

"I am going to suggest he has a very small penis."

The woman replied: "I was 13. As far as I remember it was big."

Mr Fielding also pointed out the fact the woman had said Rostami had hair around his genitals when in actual fact he doesn't.

Continuing to cross-examine the first alleged victim, he pointed out various other discrepancies between interviews with dates, places and details.

He said: "Did you lie to police during interviews in relation to this case?"

The court then heard how the woman said during the interview that the last time she saw Rostami was the Saturday, April 5, 2014, a few days before she first made the allegations.

Mr Fielding said: "Mohammed Rostami had been in Iran with his wife and kids for three weeks."

The victim said she was 100 percent sure she had seen Rostami.

Judge Patricia Lynch QC is presiding over the trial
Mr Fielding suggested that the alleged victim was hanging around Essex Pizza and CM Pizza in 2009, rather than 2006 as she suggests.

She said: "It was much earlier. I was 16 when I got moved to Ilford and it was before that."

Mr Fielding replied: "I am going to suggest CM Pizza did not exist at all until the very end of 2008."

Rostami, 37, of The Renown, Shoebury and Medhi Zare, 32, of Lupin Drive, Chelmsford are standing trial alongside Amin Kaveh, 35 of The Renown, Shoebury, taxi drivers Mohammed Zarei, of Delamere Road, Chelmsford and Mehdi Khashi of Rookes Crescent, Chelmsford.

Rostami is charged with two counts of sexual activity with a child, one count of causing or inciting sexual exploitation of a child, one count of rape and three counts of supplying a controlled drug.

Kaveh is charged with three counts of supplying a controlled drug, one count of sexual assault, three counts of rape, one count of causing or inciting prostitution and one count of controlling prostitution.

Zare is charged with three counts of sexual activity with a child, one count of arranging or facilitating sexual exploitation of a child, and three counts of supplying a controlled drug.

Khashi and Zarei both face a single count of rape.

Rostami, Zare and Kaveh have already pleaded guilty to supplying drugs to the women, but all five deny the sex offence charges.

The trial, which is expected to last for four weeks, continues.

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