Australian Soccer Coach Pleads For His Life After Being Kidnapped

From Daily-Mail:
A soccer coach kidnapped in Yemen has appeared in a video begging the Australian government to pay a ransom in exchange for his release.

Craig Bruce McAlliser appears unharmed but pleads for his life and for the government to help facilitate his return to Australia in a 24-second video posted online.

The 56-year-old soccer coach does not identify which group is holding him in Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia,  but a colleague told EFE it was an Islamist group.

'I have been working as a football coach ... At the moment I am kidnapped by a group here,' he said.

'They are requesting that the Australian government send the money they have requested.'

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Wednesday her department was seeking to provide consular support to the man's family and was working hard to ascertain more information.

'We do understand that an Australian who has been in Yemen for some time has been kidnapped, but we don't know the details,' she told Sky News.

McAllister's assistant, Abdullah al-Maghribi, told news agency EFE that his boss had been coaching U-16 players at Al-Ahli Sanaa soccer club for two years now, and used to work as coach in Al-Ahli Taizz in southern Yemen for four years.

AL-Maghribi added that the coach has been kidnapped by an Islamist group, without identifying its name.

He begged the captors to release the 56-year-old man, who is working with a charitable Christian group devoted for humanitarian work in Asia and Europe.

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