Paraded In Public And Flogged For Having An Affair

From the Daily Mail:
Paraded on a stage and forced to kneel in front of their community.

This is the moment a man and a woman are punished for their relationship with each other by being repeatedly whipped with a cane.

Taken into the middle of a busy square in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, on Friday, the pair were punished under the strict Muslim rites called Shariah Law.

Grimacing as each of the six strikes of the cane lashed their back, the man and woman were watched on by a crowd of hundreds.

It is alleged the pair committed adultery, after being involved in a relationship despite the woman being married to another man.

With her head bowed and a solemn look on her face the woman receives the first of the strikes to her back.

A masked man with his body entirely covered in a dark brown robe inflicts the blows onto the convicted woman. [...]

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